The Magic Power of Perception

Do you know that there is magic in our perceptions? Unless one clears up one’s perceptions one can create a tremendous amount of confusion in one’s mind. In fact our perceptions are constantly producing good and bad biochemical substances in our brain according to the way we perceive reality.

If one looks at a problem in the right way, there is no such thing as a problem. But if one looks at a problem in the wrong way, everything becomes a problem.

Our perceptions can make us happy or sad. When we are happy we are producing all the good chemicals in our system. When we are miserable and sad we are producing all the bad chemicals in our system. All these substances affect our immune system which is under the influence of our subconscious mind and therefore under subconscious control. Positive perceptions boost our immune system and negative perceptions undermine and lower our immune system.

Since mental and physical health is so important to all of us for enjoyment of life, should not we be looking at our perceptions and how we can change them?

Normally what happens is that when we are in our mother’s womb our perceptions are conditioned by the internal environment and the moment we are born our perceptions are conditioned by the external environment. As we grow up and as we gather different experiences in life we are forced to change our perceptions. When we are young, we are stupid. We do a lot of stupid things under the influence of all the surging hormones; and of course this is all part of learning. We think we are going to live forever and therefore life becomes one long adventure looking forward. However, after a few knocks and bumps on the highway of life, reality sets in and we realise that we are mortal after all. Mortality stares in our face. This forces our perceptions to change again. We start looking backwards and start philosophising about our future. Because the ego or self does not want to die and wants to live forever we hide behind religious beliefs and God etc to make ourselves feel more secure and comfortable. Hence one can see that it is the time dimension we live in and our perception of time with its associated ageing influence that forces us to make these fundamental changes in our lives.

But the magical power of perception is really appreciated when one can see that one can transform oneself effortlessly and instantly throughout life without bringing in the time factor.

For example everyone thinks that one needs will power to achieve things. That is the perception. Now if you should put your finger in the fire, you know that it will burn. Do you need will power to keep away from it? Obviously not, you know what it means and what it will do to you. You will automatically keep away from the fire without using will power. Your perception here makes it an effortless action.

Yet, when it comes to smoking, drug dependence etc one will say “I have no will power”. One knows that the habit is harmful and doing damage, but one will continue to smoke saying “I have been smoking for years” and “smoking eases my nerves”, etc. Quite clearly, here the perception has not penetrated to the inner most layer of the self or ego. There is a separation of thought and action. There is a battle of desires. One desire wants to continue, the other wants to stop, giving one the impression that one has to have will power to stop smoking. There is no understanding in the individual of the physical and mental conditioning that leads to this false perception. Once you bring in time between you and the action, it is no longer effortless any more.

Another perception among the public is the belief that doctors heal and cure patients. This delusion of course is very convenient for the doctors in a consumer society to exploit. It is however, a two-edged sword for the medical profession. Allowing people to believe that medicine is a consumer item may be good business, but litigation is the price the doctors have to pay for maintaining this delusion. However, do you really think or believe that doctors heal or cure patients?

Let us see what happens when you cut yourself. You will find that there is a healing power within yourself, wanting you to get back to normal. If you keep that wound clean and protected, it will heal up by itself in a week or so without any doctor or medicine. This is because this healing power wants you to get better. What will happen if you keep scratching it or expose it to dust and dirt? Is it going to heal? Quite clearly it is not and will probably get infected.

When doctors treat a patient what we do is provide the right conditions for Mother Nature to heal the patient. That is we help the patient’s immune system to heal the person. But if that immune system does not respond then no doctor in the world can save that individual. So can you see that it is not the doctor who does the healing? We basically help you to heal yourself.

Now science has shown us that this healing power lies in our immune system and is under the subconscious control. So if you have a physical or a mental problem you can use this power within you to heal yourself.

Suppose you suffer from a chronic back pain. How do you go about healing yourself? The doctor says you have a disc problem with some arthritis which does not require any surgical treatment. He prescribes you some treatment and recommends certain exercises and you think you will be cured. How wrong you are. It is what you do with yourself 24 hours a day that will cure you. It is no use doing exercises once or twice or occasionally, hoping that it will be enough to cure you. If you have pain, the body is telling you that you are not quite right. It tells you what to do. Avoid the aggravating factors and start listening to your body. Be determined to get rid of the pain. The stretching and exercises are meant to shift the pain. If you are overweight, lose some weight. Tell yourself that you are going to be 100%, not 99%. Do not give yourself soft options. If you approach your problem in this way, nothing in this world can stop you from being free of your symptoms.

Pain is a problem of perception. If it registers in your brain you have pain. If it does not register, there is no such thing as pain. Chronic pain is thus a bad habit which the body has acquired and you have to be determined to break it; no matter how long or what it takes to break it. However, if there is any financial gain to be made out of your illness, you can rest assured that you will never be cured and if you continue to think that the cure lies outside you, you will never be cured.

If your symptoms are persisting, ask yourself “What have I done in the past 24 hours to solve my problem?” If you have not taken any action, then of course your problem will continue or get worse. Do you think that you now have an understanding of how to go about healing yourself of any illness? To cure one self of any illness, one has to work towards physical fitness and harmonise one’s mind, it is that simple. Remember the doctors are always there to help you diagnose the problem and help you cure yourself.

Read “The Enchanted Time Traveller – A Book of Self-Knowledge and the Subconscious Mind” and learn how to use your powers of perception, insight and awareness to help you heal yourself. Anonymous wrote: “You were born original, don’t die a copy”. Unfortunately most people do.

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