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A Book of Self Knowledge and the Subconscious Mind”. The first fifty pages of this book contain the secrets of the mind and therefore considered essential reading. Learn to change with your perceptions. Unless you change your perceptions you never change.
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The Enchanted Time Traveller

Hardcover edition A Book of Self Knowledge and the Subconscious Mind”. The first fifty pages of this book contain the secrets of the mind and therefore considered essential reading. Learn…
$25.00 (shipping)
Total: $60.00

IMPORTANT: Please read this message. Try to verify or disprove what is written in your mind. It can have profound influence in the way we manage mental illness in society. Do not shoot the messenger:

Dear Time Traveller – Welcome

Do you know you live in a hypnotic world of words, and you are already hypnotised?

As I see it, the ego in your mind is a product of self-hypnosis. It means you cannot appear in your conscious mind without words. When you think, you are hypnotising yourself with words. It is a superficial world of words in which we live, creating a world of delusions.

But the reality, the world you see before you, is real, eternal and timeless. When we think, the words take us away from this timeless dimension. The words make us time travellers and help us create an escapist fantasy world. Thinking, thus, becomes an obsession for the ego.

The thinker and the thought mode (the thinker thinking) is the hypnotic mode we all commonly use. It is the hypnotic mode that hypnotises us. It is the mode we are always aware of. When you stop thinking or not thinking, you do not disappear from the mind but switch to the observer and the observed mode (the observer observing). In this mode, we learn, understand, and acquire knowledge but are mostly unaware of it.

The thinker and the thought mode can only create a world of delusions for us because the ego uses words to think, and the words entrap it into the time zone of its creation. Thus, the ego becomes a delusional thinker and a control freak. Only in the observer and observed mode can one acquire self-knowledge and understanding of one’s mind.

To get into the observer and the observed mode is simple. Wherever you are, just become aware of the present moment and try to understand how you relate to the picture in front of you. Do not verbalise (say words) to describe anything. Become aware of what is happening inside and outside of you. You will be able to see your thoughts and the words you use. Accept your thoughts and feelings. Try to understand how thoughts form. You will find they have no substance if you do not verbalise your thoughts. You activate your thoughts when you analyze. Do the same thing with emotions if they arise. If you use negative words more often, you can convert them into positive ones. The meaning of the words does not matter to the subconscious mind. It is how you manipulate your subconscious mind and hypnotise yourself into a positive person. It is only this mode you use for meditation and self-knowledge. Any other way is self-hypnosis, which leads to delusions. You can acquire self-knowledge and harmonise your body and mind only in this mode.

With self-knowledge, you can become the master of your destiny. Without self-knowledge, your destiny will be to chase your shadow for the rest of your life until time grinds you to dust. It is your choice. We are hypnotic creatures. Learn to hypnotise yourself in the right direction by manipulating your subconscious mind.

Most people hypnotise themselves incorrectly because of bad thinking habits and outside influences. You can correct them by acquiring self-knowledge and using positive words to guide you in the right direction. People who have no insight into their minds and distorted perceptions can become anxious and depressed. They can easily talk themselves into a negative situation with negative words, leading to a self-destructive action. Please be aware words have a direct effect on your subconscious mind. Words have a conditioned reflex on our psyche. So do not take yourself too seriously. Acquire self-knowledge.

If you wish to wake up from self-hypnosis, please read my online articles below. They are an extension of this book, revealing the secrets of the mind

Mal Mohanlal.

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Readers are saying

“Doctor Mal Mohanlal’s book invites readers to embark on a voyage of discovery. It’s one that explores the inner space that exists in us all. Humans are composed of physical and metaphysical properties. Most of us are familiar with the basic physical properties of the human body. What is not familiar to the majority of people is the structure of what is termed, our inner space.

A person’s subconscious mind is an area little understood. Most people don’t acknowledge that this part of their mind plays any part in their existence at all. Yet this part of them plays a significant role in the well-being of their health and outlook on life. Doctor Mohanlal shows how the subconscious can be controlled in a positive way to make one’s life journey a more pleasant experience. All of us are present in the material world for a finite amount of time. Influences, external to ourselves, such as war, famine and natural disasters can dramatically shorten our life spans. But overall it is we who are in control of our destiny and Doctor Mohanlal has penned a book that details, in easy to understand terms, how a person can gain that control over themselves.

Perception, how one looks at the world and their place in it plays an important role in how the subconscious is controlled. We all have the ability to change how our culture, peers and families manipulate the image of ourselves. The strongest set of tools to make this change in perception is words. If we keep telling ourselves that we are stupid, no good, dumb, uninteresting and sloth like, then we will never have a positive outlook on life. Most likely we will be what we keep telling ourselves and be quite unhealthy to boot. The first step in pursuing the journey to true self-realization is to talk to your inner self in a positive way. An example in the book is that of a person wanting to give up smoking. That person needs to say to themselves, “What are you doing, don’t you want to give up smoking? Throw it away, I hate smoking, dirty, filthy habit.” By repeating this phase several times, each time the urge to smoke comes upon them a smoker will change their subconscious mind’s perception of smoking. They will see it as a bad thing and stop.

The greatest enemy of our subconscious mind is one’s ego. It is an entity within us that concentrates on the “I”, “me” and “mine”. All the ego wants is instant gratification, it’s a self-deception device that knows no boundaries of flattery. To become a human being who is open to new ideas and perceptions the ego must be controlled. Doctor Mohanlal maintains the most effective way to control the ego is to have some insight into your mind and use your powers of awareness and perception.

There have been many books written on this topic in the past, but most of them have been drafted in dry technical jargon. Doctor Mohanlal has crafted a book that tackles a difficult topic in a simple easy to understand way. He deals with how a person through positive feedback to themselves can control their subconscious mind’s influence over their physical and mental states. I found the book very informative and can vouch for the philosophy he puts forward. The techniques that Doctor Mohanlal explains to keep ourselves healthy I use myself to keep a positive outlook on life. They proved to be a vital cog in my recovery from chronic fatigue twelve years ago.

This book is one that will serve to bring to people a greater understanding of themselves and how they are reacting to the modern world. It is a book well worth reading and one that can be revisited again and again. I would recommend this book as a must read for all those seeking enlightenment about the human condition.”

Review by Warren Thurston
Children’s Author