The Time Dimension and the Scientists

Are we true scientists or just pseudo-scientists?

In my mind a scientist is a person who applies his or her knowledge to understand the workings of our physical and mental world. By studying the evidence presented, a true scientist will further enhance our knowledge of the world we live in by considering all aspects dispassionately. However, a pseudo-scientist among us will only accept the evidence that suits him and will ignore the rest which does not suit him.

From my observations in life there is one thing that has become clear to me is the fact that doctors or for that matter anyone else do not cure a person. What we do as doctors is help mother nature cure the patient. That is, we help provide the right conditions and treatment for the patient to enable Mother Nature to cure the person.

Science has shown us that this healing process lies within every individual and not outside him and it lies in our immune system. This immune system is under our subconscious control as is evidenced in our observation of the “placebo” effect in medicine. So when we try to heal a patient, what we do as doctors is to try to boost this immune system so that the patient can heal himself. If the immune system fails, no doctor in this world can save that individual.

Since the strength of this immune system is dependent on the physical and mental state of the individual, is it not important that we should all learn about our subconscious mind and how we operate?

For most people our subconscious mind is like the elephant in the room. It is either taken for granted or ignored. Instead of trying to understand it and master it, most people turn away or use it as a garbage bin for their negative feelings. Not only that but these days many use mind bending drugs to alter the perception of reality. Since all our vital functions like breathing and circulation of blood etc. are under the subconscious control, surely this type of behaviour can only lead to more physical and mental ill-health. So is it not time we started learning about this powerful energy source which influences our inner and outer world?

In the poem “The Rubaiyat of Omar-Khayyam” there is this famous quatrain which applies to all time travellers. It succinctly sends this message that time is irreversible. What is done can never be undone. Once that moment of time is gone, it is gone forever.

“The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ
Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit
Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line
Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it.”

Clearly this is the web of time we are all caught up in with no prospect of ever escaping. It is this perception of time that makes us aware of our mortality and influences our aging process.

So how do we free ourselves from this time dimension? Do you know that there is also a Timeless dimension which is just as real as the Time dimension we are living in? In it there is no past, present or future and all experiences in life become a lesson in life with no regrets.

To understand this Timeless dimension you have to understand how we create our future. Remember that we are hypnotic creatures. When we look at the past, it is now only a memory, and is unreal. When we look at the future, it is also unreal because anything can happen in the future. One cannot touch it. The present is the only realty one can touch and enjoy. So how do we create our future?

It is simple. We dream first and then we plan. If we keep dreaming and do not take any action in the present, our present becomes our future. That is we continue dreaming. So it is the action we take in the present that creates our future.

However to break free from the web of time one has to go about understanding how one acquires and breaks habits. It is by using one’s powers of perception, insight and awareness that one can to bring about positive changes in one’s life without using will power.

For those who are scientifically inclined here is some food for thought with the following observations:

Our body is constantly producing positive or negative chemicals in response to internal and external stimuli received through our senses from our perception of Reality. This is under subconscious control. Distorted perceptions produce negative chemicals. Mental illness is thus simply a disorder of perception.

Perception takes place not only in the brain but also at the cellular level. It can lead to mutation in the cells.

Our thinking process is hypnotic. The words we use in our mind influence our subconscious mind to produce negative or positive chemicals as a direct reflex action. This can be consciously manipulated.

We are all conditioned beings. Awareness is the process we can use to de-hypnotize and de-condition ourselves.

The Timeless dimension is just as real as the Time dimension that we have created. They coexist. The only thing that separates the two is our perception.

Meditation is not about blocking out or escaping the present, but understanding and becoming aware of the Timeless present where the Observer in the mind and what is being observed become one phenomenon. This phenomenon is not something that is brought about consciously but occurs spontaneously. Most of us experience it but fail to recognize it, because we are too busy constantly travelling in time to become aware of it.

Please do not be afraid to change your perceptions. If you do not change you remain a Time Traveller with the same old habits subject to the laws of time where there is always a beginning and always an end. You will eventually die a copy because your destiny has already been written for you. Use the power of perception in you to help transform yourself and free yourself from the tyranny of time. If you have the ability and intelligence to solve a complex jigsaw puzzle, what is stopping you from using the same skills to solve the jigsaw puzzle of the mind? Self knowledge water-proofs you against the ravages of time. Be a true scientist, not a pseudo-scientist.

Clearly those who choose not to listen and ignore the Subconscious Mind will be only cutting their nose off to spite their face. They will forever keep chasing the shadow and not the substance. Read the “Enchanted Time Traveller – A Book of Self-Knowledge and the Subconscious Mind” and discover the secrets of your mind.

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