Time Travelling and The Present

So you think there is a future and it is real. That is why we all seem to be travelling in time going from the past, to the present and into the future. Everyone seems to be rushing, rising in the morning, going to work or study, coming home in the evening, looking after other chores, and then going to bed. Even when reading, watching TV or listening to the radio we seem to be constantly travelling in time. We hardly sit still in the present. The entertainment we have devised is basically all designed to make us escape from reality, yes escaping from the present. So, whether we like it or not we are all caught in the web of time and thus have become time travellers.

To break free of the time and discover the timeless dimension we have to understand our thinking process, that is, how we think. We have to understand what the past, the present and the future means and the conditioning effect of time.

Now when one looks at the past, one can see that it is only a memory. It is no longer real. One cannot touch it. One cannot change it. It is now unreal.

The present of course is always real. We can talk to each other, touch each other, enjoy each other’s company etc. Do you know that in the present lies the magic moment? Each time you blink there is a picture of reality displayed in front of you and at the same time that moment is turning into past. But no one seems to be appreciating this magic moment because we are constantly travelling in time as if there is a real future ahead. We fill our mind with inane chatter, with words, words and words.

So what is future? Future is anything that can happen ahead in time. Now nobody knows what lies ahead. If you are worried about tomorrow, what is the point? Anything can happen tomorrow. Tomorrow an atomic bomb might explode, or a tsunami might come and we might all be gone. But the fact is it has not happened. Tomorrow does not exist. It is unreal and only exists in our imagination. So if the future like the past is unreal, how do we create our future?

It is quite simple. If you have not already realised it, you will appreciate the fact that we are all dreamers. Our desires make us dream. We are constantly dreaming. We plan. So for example if you want to build a house in the future, we dream. We design and plan where the kitchen, the bathroom and bedrooms etc. will be.

However, if we keep dreaming and do not take any action in the present, our present becomes our future, no house.

So to create that house we desire in the future, we have to take action in present that is, buy a block of land, hire an architect etc.; otherwise our present becomes our future. So you see in reality there is no such thing as future. You have to take action in the present to create your own future.

Hence if you have a problem that is getting you down, you have to take action in the present to solve that problem, otherwise your present becomes your future, more problems. Positive action creates a positive future. Negative action will create a negative future. Such is the law of the mind.

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