Will Power and Desires

So you think you need will power to achieve something or perform a task or break a habit? There are so many desires operating within you and you want to override these with one strong desire because that is what you want at present.

Do you know that using will power is just an ego building or ego strengthening exercise? It is a false perception and a stressful habit which leads to anxiety, tension and conflict within the individual.
When you use will power do you know what you are doing?

When you are using will power you are fighting with yourself. One part of you says do this, and the other part says do that.

It is a conflict of desires.

So if you want to give up smoking and one part of you says you should give up smoking, and the other part says you want to continue smoking, what do you do?

Most people use will power to overcome a habit such as smoking. That is they use their stronger desire to stop smoking to override their weaker desire to continue smoking. When this happens, some will find that it makes them feel great because they have achieved something, others will no doubt find it a struggle. This can be permanent or temporary situation depending on the person’s perception.

However this is achieved at a price. The person who is struggling can be in terrible conflict and feel miserable because there is no insight into what one is doing.

When one uses will power to suppress the weaker desire, there is tension created in the individual’s subconscious mind because there was very little understanding of the weaker desire.

So one day, when the right moment arises, the weaker desire becomes strong again, one will find that one can easily go back to square one, that is, resuming smoking again.

Same thing happens when one is using will power to reduce weight. You might go on a diet etc to lose weight using your will power. And you may succeed in your efforts but since you have not understood your desires, you are likely to go back to Square one, that is, gaining weight again.

Surely using will power is not the way to go. It is just an ego building exercise and a false pursuit. Your need to use will power arises when there are several conflicting desires opposing what you want.

However, if you had only one desire, do you need will power?

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