The Bankrupt Mind

The Mind is Timeless and eternal so how can we have a bankrupt mind?

As I see it, it is the ego in the mind with its perception of chronological time that is the problem. The thinking process that we use with its verbalization ties us to the world of the past, present and the future. It makes us time travelers who believe that thinking will solve all our problems and who fear that if we stopped thinking, we might disappear from the mind altogether. Thus the thinking process in most individuals becomes a self-sustaining process where one thought ends and another one begins. It becomes like a squirrel in a cage where one goes round and round in circles. It becomes a habit where one feels that one cannot stop thinking.

But do you know that our thinking process is very limited? One might be a genius, a great scientist or a philosopher, but the fact remains that our thinking is limited. Why? It is because all our thinking is based on the centuries of knowledge we have gathered from the world that we know today. Yes, we can think only in the terms of the known world not the unknown. Therefore, if we were to imagine what life forms could be found in a distant galaxy which is the unknown, we can only conjure up images of life from the shapes and sizes of creatures that we have discovered on our planet earth to date. We can run wild with our imagination but we will only be able to build a picture based on the creatures that we have known in this world and from the geometry of the structures we know. So to understand the Timeless or the Unknown one has to go beyond the thinking process that we know. The Timeless or the Unknown can only be appreciated when the thinking process becomes still on its own volition with the realization that it is limited.

Because our thinking process creates such confusion, chaos and conflict in our mind with its constant verbal chatter that we are forced to search for some inner peace. The techniques of meditation we have developed where we exclude all obtrusive thoughts and concentrate on one thing may give us temporary peace of mind. But it is a delusive path because we fail to recognize the fact that the real purpose of meditation is to discover the Timeless dimension.

The Timeless is all round us and is always in the present. One does not have to go looking for it. It is a dimension in itself as real as the chronological time dimension that we have created and live in. The only thing that separates us from the Timeless dimension is our perception. Everyone experiences and has a glimpse of this Timeless dimension from time to time, but as we are too involved with our daily chores in time travelling we fail to appreciate it. However, if we were to move away from any man-made structure at any given time, we will be in fact walking into the Timeless zone. So when one is taking a walk in the garden or in a park and if one becomes aware of it, one will soon start experiencing the timeless zone. In the wilderness it is even more overpowering and overwhelming. When the observer in the mind and what is being observed become one phenomenon, you are experiencing the Timeless dimension. Please recognize it and become one with it. Do not verbalize it; otherwise you will revert back into your own time zone. Look around, become aware and you will know what I am talking about. That is true meditation when one becomes aware of one’s inner as well as the outer world. It is an all-inclusive process, not an exclusive process. You will start experiencing and understanding eternity while you are still alive, not after you die.

So what is a bankrupt mind? It is a mind that perceives the truth in a statement, but then ignores it because it might affect the comfort zone that one has created for oneself. It is a mind that resists change for fear that if one did change, one might lose one’s identity with all its associated beliefs and ideologies. It is a mind that is stuck in a groove steeped in traditions and philosophies with no insight into how one can go about freeing oneself from the web of time. It is a mind that is inflexible, unreasonable and contradictory that has lost its ability to listen.

Now if you think you have an open mind and willing to understand how you operate in this hypnotic world, I would urge you to read my book “The Enchanted Time Traveller- A Book of Self-knowledge and the Subconscious Mind”. Mental illness is increasing in societies all over the world with its associated violence. The Titanic is sinking. Health professionals should be in the team that is handing out life jackets and helping people get into life boats, but unfortunately most of us are in the team that is rearranging decks chairs or playing the band on the ship.

The first fifty pages of this book contain the secrets of the mind and therefore considered essential reading. Be a true scientist, not a pseudo scientist.

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