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AuthorDr Mal Mohanlal (MB, BS, Dip cH)Contact:Author Mal Mohanlal
FormatHardcover CaseboundPhone07 32849777
SubjectPhilosophy/P sycholo gylSelf-HelpWebsite:www.loveofbooksclub.com
Pub DateApm2012 Producedby Love ofBooks, Brisbane, Aus
Dimensions154 x 218 mm Contact: Ocean Reeve
Pages165pp Phone 1300 556 529
TSBN 978-0-646-57rs7-7-7 Email: ocean@loveofbooks.com.au

Although the body and mind are two separate systems, the power they have to impact the wellbeing of one another is increasingly astonishing. Have you ever considered that your several failed attempts to quit smoking may likely be due to your state of mind? Or that your inability to sleep can be solved through verbal exercises? Would you believe that your entire quality of life can be revitalized by redirecting your thought pattems? Now you will.

The Enchanted Time Traveller is the recent work of experienced clinical doctor, Mal Mohanlal. Although Dr. Mohanlal works in General Practice and specialises in Medical Acupuncture and Spinal Manipulation, he also has considerable experience in Clinical Hypnotherapy and this particular interest of his led to the production of this insightful book.

The chapters of this book travel through many of the chief physical and mental aspects to life such as habits, stress and insomnia, and delve into the underlying causes of our happiness and misery. The Enchanted Time Traveller reveals and evaluates the ways in which we consciously and unconsciously affect our wellbeing and self-worth, and empowers readers with the awareness and understanding required to change their current state of mind, and ultimately, their life.

Dr. Mohanlal writes in a way that a wide variety of readers can clearly understand and relate to. He does not elevate himself above his audience and delivers only reliable and useful information, making it clear that this book is not just another self-indulgent attempt to affrm and feed an author's ego, but that it is a perceptive and dynamic book that comes from a place of compassion and a desire to serve others.

Through this book, Dr. Mohanlal provides an opportunity to improve the quality of life for all readers, by paving the way to a state of happiness, security and self-content.


  • Strong medical and psychological platform for the insights and concepts
  • Developed strategies to improving life and finding a true and realistic happiness
  • Beautifully produced in hardcover with quality matt cello